The Sofa Lovers Are Proud To Announce Our Membership With The Federation Of Small Businesses



We are proud to have recently become members of

The Federation of Small Businesses 


Here at The Sofa Lovers Limited, we thrive to work or be part of memberships which we think will benefit the overall trajectory of our business.


We truly believe that partnering up with a company such as the Federation of Small Businesses will help our business grow and help us reach our business goals.


If this is your first time at The Sofa Lovers then you should first know we want to contribute to our world as much as possible. We have pledged to donate 1% of our gross profits each year to our chosen UK and global charities. We also pledge to will continue to increase this % as we grow.


We truly believe that becoming a member of the Federation of Small Businesses will help us reach our goals, they will help do this by allowing us to access the vast amount of resources and tools available on their platform. This is available for all members who are also other businesses across the UK. 


This is their mission statement


The Sofa Lovers - Online UK Retailer - Free UK Delivery, Offering Sofas, Armchairs, Chairs, Corner Sofas, 3 Seater Sofas, 2 Seater Sofas, Velvet Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Corner Sofas, Benches, Ottomans, Footstools, Stools Furniture, Tables, Chest Of Drawers, Sideboards, Stands, Units, and Bespoke Tailoring. UK Furniture Store. % of Profits Donated To Charity. The Sofa Lovers - Online UK Retailer - Free UK Delivery, Offering Sofas, Armchairs, Chairs, Corner Sofas, 3 Seater Sofas, 2 Seater Sofas, Velvet Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Corner Sofas, Benches, Ottomans, Footstools, Stools Furniture, Tables, Chest Of Drawers, Sideboards, Stands, Units, and Bespoke Tailoring. UK Furniture Store. % of Profits Donated To Charity. 


Now you're probably asking yourself why is a furniture company promoting or even talking about this company? Well like we said we believe they can help our small businesses and these are the some of the services they now offer us and can offer your business too:


FSB Legal Hub: They allow us to access a reliable source for factsheets and in excess of 750 legal documents to choose from, covering key legal, HR, tax and health and safety issues that you might encounter when setting up and running your business.


FSB Tax Investigation Protection: Members have automatic access to comprehensive and free tax advice and tax investigation insurance - protecting you if you're selected for certain business-related HMRC investigations.


FSB Legal Protection Scheme: Legal Protection Scheme gives you and your business access to a wide range of legal and tax support – be it through our helplines or the FSB online Legal Hub.


FSB Employment Protection: As a member you have access to round-the-clock legal advice on all employment issues, as well as insurance protection in the event you are taken to an employment tribunal.


FSB Health And Safety Advice: Members have access to the latest information on health and safety in the workplace, written and regularly updated by industry experts. You will be able to talk to industry experts and benefit from the latest online training modules in key areas of health and safety.


FSB Care: Your health and wellbeing are important. If the worst should happen and you become unwell with a serious physical or mental health condition, we offer free access to a personal nurse adviser, an experienced Registered Mental or General Nurse.


FSB Insurance Service: This unique offering is part-owned by FSB and is the first company created by FSB, specifically for its members.


FSB PR/Crisis Management:  Our PR / Crisis Management advice service is here to make your life easier with important information and guidance from a public relations expert who can assist you in handling a crisis.


FSB Payments: Provided by Worldpay, the UK’s leading payments provider 1, FSB Payments can help you wherever you’re doing business – face-to-face, online, over the phone or by email.


FSB Business Banking: Exclusive to FSB members, the FSB Business Current Account provided by The Co-operative Bank, gives you free everyday banking for the duration of your FSB membership. 


FSB Funding Platform: FSB Funding Platform helps FSB members find the right business finance solution. You make one simple application and with 24/7 telephone support, the service is simple and easy to use, saving you time and effort. 


FSB Cash Advance: Access fast, flexible funding with no hidden repayment fees. Get funding tailored for your business and matched to your cash flow needs with FSB Cash Advance.


FSB Debt Recovery: FSB Debt Recovery service will assist you in recovering the money owed to your business. It offers a bespoke range of guidance, template documents and letters, as well as 24/7 legal advice from qualified and experienced lawyers.


FSB Workplace Pensions: A straightforward and cost-effective solution that is specifically designed to help small businesses ensure their pension scheme is fully compliant. It is also easy to add on a bespoke and fully supported payroll service.


FSB Cyber Protection: When it comes to cyber risk, FSB Cyber Protection is more important than ever with attacks and security breaches increasing in frequency and sophistication. FSB Cyber Protection gives you access to both a helpline and limited insurance, designed to support and protect your business at no extra cost.


Now we want as many small businesses as possible to join the Federation of small businesses and also benefit from the vast range of services and resources they have available. For a small investment fee over the year it's a no brainer really when you get all the above and a dedicated team trying to help you around the clock.


Businesses like this should be called out for the great things they are doing for other businesses. Big or small underdog or top dog.


We as a collective the people, the businesses should try to help one another to collaborate and grow. Especially at times like these where the world is on its knees. People, business and countries need to band together to kickstart economies across the globe.


We need the people who lost their jobs back in work, we need all the businesses which closed down to be reopened, reinvented or reborn. We the collective people should help as much as possible without expecting something in return.


Now when you run a business you need a why, a reason you do what you do. Here at The Sofa Lovers, we want to donate and collaborate as much as possible helping our business and other businesses grow.


Our No1 goal and mission is to increase that 1% donation we make to charity each year. We one day want to contribute to the world like the big foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


We want to love the world back the way it deserves as much as possible and if we can furnish your home with beautiful furniture along the way then that's a win-win all round in our opinion.


We would like to thank the Federation of Small Businesses in advance for the services they currently offer us and have available for future use. We can sleep easy at night knowing we have them to rely on for advice/guidance if we ever need it. 


Have a great day and hope you enjoyed reading our article. We hope you can now feel empowered to buy something small for your home and purchase with a smile knowing you're actually directly contributing to help the world.


Each product on our website has a visible amount of money we will be donating from our gross profits just before each product description.


If you would like to join the FSB please click the below link


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