We're an online retailer and we offer a range of unique and beautiful sofas and furniture which would suit any interior design choice.


Our vision is to provide the best sofas and furniture to all homes across the UK.


We promise to try do our best to lower carbon emissions and use recyclable or sustainable material within our own business processes. We also do this by carefully researching and selecting suppliers who are actively contributing to the environment. 


We promise to donate a % of all profits made to charitable causes such as the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Kidney Research UK and many more worldwide charities. (Please click here to see our charity page)


You can order with us and checkout with a smile on your face knowing you're contributing to the world, just like us!


We promise to care for all of our customers, we've made our website accessible to all our visually impaired customers. You can use our accessibility tool seen floating on the left hand side.


The Sofa Lovers brand is about more than just selling beautiful sofas and furniture!


The goal of the brand is to connect customers to better choices when it comes to the overall design of their home.


A beautiful unique sofa or piece of furniture on its own is a fashion statement and you should be proud to show it off.


Our brand is about showing our customers making the sofa or unique furniture a focal point sets the basis of an exquisite overall interior design.


We want you to push the boundaries of design, go slightly out of your comfort zone and think of your sofas and furniture as investments.


We appreciate your business and we do not discriminate customers. We pride ourselves on giving each customer the attention and service you deserve. Only the best customer service.


We also appreciate our suppliers, manufacturers and service providers, without our business partners we couldn't deliver our products or services or furnish your beautiful homes or commercial environments. 


We're here to serve and would like you to know when shopping with us your safety and information is also one of our top priorities.


If you have any questions or queries regarding anything relating to our services or products please don't hesitate to contact us at 


Email[email protected]

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