We promise to do our best in reducing our carbon footprint.



This is not applicable across all brands.

Our Brands have been gradually eliminating plastic and non-biodegradable substances from every single one of our crafted pieces.

You can then savour our furniture with a clean conscience and an even cleaner environment.

The timber used in the making of our brands products are sourced from regulated and commercially planted sources and are fully certified with regard to the relevant responsible forestry laws.

Our Brands artisans have been employing community based forestry in some form for over two centuries, and we feel it’s wise to involve them every step of the way in the creation of our brands pieces.

You can rest easy knowing the environment will not be worse off when you open your package.

Caring for the wood is easy. Regular light dusting is recommended, as is occasional light waxing on non-painted surface.

This will refresh and protect the wood. Wherever fabric is used, we have ensured that the product is fire retardant to comply with the requisite laws.

You can rest easy knowing your house is safe from any unintended pyrotechnics.

We are a community, and every piece you buy goes towards the livelihood of an artisan practising their craft, and their families. Coming from them, thank you. We appreciate your support. You are doing your bit in making once dying arts flourish again, just like the communities they stem from.

In the unlikely event of you not being entirely pleased with our Brands product, simply get in touch with us at [email protected]

It is strongly advised to do so within 2 working days so that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible.

We would hate to see you unhappy with something we worked so hard to design, build and send to you.

We at The Sofa Lovers Limited and in partnership with our brands/suppliers hope you have many happy years with your new piece of furniture and that it becomes an important part of your home.

Cloth and paper alternatives may be more expensive to produce and ship, but our brands feel it’s their ethical responsibility to offer plastic free alternatives to our customers.

In addition, it just doesn’t seem right to charge people for doing the right thing. Hence, our brands and us have made a conscious decision to not change prices for plastic free packaging, and our usual high standards won’t be compromised in any way. Our Brand has started this process already and have pledged to remove plastic packaging from products.

The target to achieve this is by the end of 2020.



Our Brands are constantly reviewing packaging to make sure it is in line with industry standard best practices and are also striving to remove plastic packaging wherever possible.

Product is wrapped in thick craft paper.

High density corners are applied along every edge of the product, to provide an additional layer of safety and structural integrity, as part of the drop test program.

Thermocol corners are applied, with an additional layer of corrugated sheet.

Additional thermocol blocks are applied within every 10-12 inch gap, around the edges of the product.

Another block of thermocol is placed on the top of the product, for further protection.

Strong cardboard is placed along every edge of the product, which helps to keep the packaging structure in place as well as protect the edges of the product further.

Drop test is undertaken to ensure that product is mail order compliant. The product is then placed in a 7 ply strong corrugate box followed by taping, strapping and labelling.

For the products that have a higher weight, they are placed in a box with higher density.



Deforestation is something that we’re incredibly concerned about. While this may seem odd coming from furniture company brands, Our brands/suppliers strive to ensure responsible forestry to let trees flourish while providing work for the hundreds of artisans that have practised woodwork in their families for generations.

In an effort to strike a balance between quality, handcrafted furniture and the trees that we owe our existence to, Our brands/suppliers have long pledged to only use wood from commercial regenerative plantations.

Artisan Furniture only produce solid mango tree furniture, they use the wood from trees that have finished their commercial life producing mangoes.

This means that they are effectively using waste material that would otherwise have to be burnt to make room for new saplings.

All the timber is EU TR compliant with regard to responsible forestry.

This pledge has never been more relevant, and still stands strong.

Note: If you wish to see any certification then please ask, and we will obtain the most up to date copy for you.



All the fabric used in Artisan furniture products has been tested to comply with the very latest Fire-Retardant Standards for BS5852.

Our Partner brand keep the certification for all fabrics and retest the fabric whenever a new batch is manufactured.

Every item will have the necessary hanging tags and also has a stitched in label underneath to confirm it is compliant to the standards.

Note: If you wish to see any certification then please ask, and we will obtain the most up to date copy for you.



All paint and other finishes are lead free.

The finishes are also added to the furniture in enclosed booths that ensure that the atmosphere is not contaminated with the particulates that can be emitted.



Timber: Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight and/or near radiators. Also, occasionally polish the non-painted furniture parts with bees wax to retain sheen and for longer lifespan.

Fabric: To remove everyday household dust and dirt, clean by gently vacuuming fabric with an upholstery brush.

Periodic cleaning of the entire product is required to maintain appearance and reduce premature wear and fading.

Do not rub, soak the fabric or allow stain to dry. Do not use proprietary cleaner or any other household cleaners.

Contact a professional upholstery cleaner only.



We operate in an open and honest way with our suppliers and pride ourselves on prompt payment and maintaining excellent working relationships with them.



Our brands factories have undergone a Social Audit by a respected assurance company, and we have been awarded BSCI compliant certification that shows they look after their workers and their rights.

Our Brand partner does not employ child labour in factories and also constantly monitor their suppliers to ensure they do not either.

If they do come across any instances during their checks, they immediately cease trading with that company unless and until they comply. Note: If you wish to see any certification then please ask, and we will obtain the most up to date copy for you.



Artisan Furniture does not use air freight to ship any of their goods from their factories in India.

They use sea freight to move their containers around the world. This is the most efficient method they can use for their mix of products, but they acknowledge that there is still much more that the shipping lines can still do to reduce their own carbon footprint.

The carrier companies they use for deliveries from their UK Distribution Centre are striving to reduce their own carbon footprints. By using wood from trees at the end of their fruit growing life, they remove the need for them to be burnt.

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